Arthritis Cure With Honey and Cinnamon

honey and cinnamon arthritisIn this article I will show you how to cure arthritis with cinnamon and honey.

When I think of cinnamon, the images that get conjured up are thoughts of delicious flavors of continental cooking or enticing desserts.

Then I think about honey; it is that go-to sweetener that I add to just about every food, and see in beauty or health product.

Now, combine cinnamon and honey and what I have is a super-homemade-remedy for an endless list of health problems.

Who would have thought that two common kitchen spices come with a world of medicinal benefits, including the treatment of arthritis?

While these homemade remedies cannot replace a physician’s health advice, they can significantly provide quick and easy pain relief without side effects.

If you are considering trying out cinnamon and honey here are a few things that you should know about the concoctions ability in treating arthritis.

Understanding Arthritis and Pain

Natural Arthritis Pain

To be able to understand why a homemade pain solution comes in handy when treating arthritis, it makes sense, to begin with understanding the correlation between pain and arthritis.

The National Institute of Health says that there are over 100 arthritis types.

Juvenile and rheumatoid arthritis are some of the autoimmune types of arthritis, which force the body to attack its joints because of a problem with the immune system.

When the immune system stops working as expected, it may result in the attack of the body’s joints resulting in swelling, inflammation, bone loss, and unbearable pain.

Issues with joints also come about as we age and as a result of osteoarthritis, which occurs with excessive wear and tear of the joints.

Often, painkillers are the conventional treatment method doctors prescribe to take care of the arthritis-induced pain.

However, cinnamon and honey combinations can also offer a natural, readily available option to deal with arthritis pain.

The Power of Cinnamon

The Power of Cinnamon

Most people are familiar with the use of cinnamon as one of the flavoring spices used when cooking.

However, for years, cinnamon has also gained popularity as one of the ingredients used in homemade medicinal products.

Cinnamon contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, and it has been extensively utilized in the treatment of diabetes, high blood pressure, and joint conditions.

When treating these ailments, studies might not have shown conclusive results for its benefits in treating these conditions.

However, a Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry study published in 2008 showed that cinnamon had the ability to reduce bone damage.

Pathways are formed triggering bone destruction, and cinnamon has the capacity to block them and inhibit your bones from getting destroyed.

Septic arthritis comes about from bacterial, fungal, or viral infections.

Studies show that cinnamon has antimicrobial effects and it works as an excellent antibacterial agent in treating septic arthritis.

Arthritis also has direct links to metabolic disorders such as increased cholesterol levels, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome.

The use of cinnamon helps in controlling the body’s insulin levels, which in turn, contributes to treating these metabolic conditions and resulting arthritis.

Honey to Sweeten The Pain

Honey to Sweeten The Pain Arthritis

Some have used honey as a soothing aid for a sore throat or a cough.

Most of us have used honey at one time for its numerous medicinal benefits including its anti-bacterial properties.

When mixed with some apple cider vinegar, honey acts as an effective pain reliever and produces positive results with arthritis-induced pains.

Vitamin B6 and riboflavin are derived from honey, and the benefits that honey provides depends on the particular type, including its processing.

Raw honey, which is honey that has not gone through filtration, pasteurization, or clarification, contains the phytochemicals, which in turn, offer health benefits.

Buckwheat and other darker honey provide phenolic compounds including flavonoids, which function as antioxidants.

Research also shows that honey provides wound-healing capabilities and therefore, it is significantly used as a topical therapeutic antiseptic agent.

The Miracle Cinnamon and Honey Combination

The Miracle Cinnamon and Honey Combination Arthritis

The two ingredients offer an extensive list of health benefits and when you combine them, you have a powerful homemade remedy for treating arthritis.

One natural ingredient used to create a homemade solution provides significant health benefits, but combine two or more natural ingredients, and the therapeutic benefit is amplified.

The recommended dosage is half a teaspoon or pinch of cinnamon regularly to treat arthritis.

When combined with honey, a 1:2 cinnamon and honey ratio is recommended.

The maximum daily consumption of cinnamon should not go beyond 11mg, and studies show that an intake of between 1.8 mg (women) to 2.3 mg (men) is the right dosage of cinnamon required to treat arthritis.

Excessive intake of cinnamon is known to result in migraines as well as interfere with a blood clot and blood thinning medications.

How to Take Cinnamon And Honey

How to Take Cinnamon And Honey Arthritis

Naturally, there are many ways to consume honey, cinnamon, and a honey-cinnamon combination.

The powdered or paste form of a honey and cinnamon combination creates an excellent massage oil that gets applied on the skin.

Some people also mix up some cinnamon and honey in warm water and drink it regularly.

The cinnamon and honey drink is known to work as an effective agent used to relieve the symptoms of arthritis.

I often add cinnamon sticks and honey to tea or milk for their health benefits.

I will even eat the combination in food.

For instance, I love cinnamon, rice, milk, and honey as one of the ways to consume the spice.

Kids, and many adults, love their pancakes, toast, and donuts topped up with honey and cinnamon, too.

Once you get past the taste of the honey-cinnamon combination, then you stand to reap the host of health benefits they provide.


There are saturations of marketed over-the-counter medicines that are available to treat arthritis.

toxic medicine arthritis

However, natural remedies like the honey and cinnamon combination provide an easily accessible and relatively risk-free way to treat and cure arthritis pain.

While the cinnamon and honey combination taken regularly has been shown to offer significant health benefits in treating arthritis, you are best taking them in moderation.

To sum it all up, honey and cinnamon work as an excellent at-home reinforcement for the treatment of arthritis.

So I hope I have helped you with today’s topic: Arthritis Cure With Honey and Cinnamon.

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