Is Chamomile Tea Good for Arthritis?

 Is Chamomile Tea Good for Arthritis?If you are suffering from arthritis, you likely know that on some days, and maybe even on many days, the pain can be absolutely debilitating.

However, many with arthritis are wary of pain medication, and for good reason.

Many pain medications come with troubling side effects that can impact your quality of life. Additionally, these medications are often expensive, and some carry risks of dependence.

However, there are many natural, side-effect-free means of managing arthritis pain.

Today, we will look at chamomile tea and how it might be able to help you manage your symptoms, either by itself or alongside other methods.

What is Chamomile Tea? Does Chamomile Help Arthritis?

Does Chamomile Help Arthritis?You’ve probably heard of chamomile tea. It’s a common ingredient in bedtime tea and is known for its general ability to help you relax.

It has been used in traditional medicine since ancient Rome, and was brought over to England when a visiting botanist found it growing wild in Rome.

From there, it was brought over to the Americas and grown there as well.

Chamomile has an enduring popularity, and for good reason: it is said to be able to assist in wound healing and in treating fevers and cold, and some research indicates it may be beneficial in managing diabetes.

Preliminary research indicates that it may have some effect in working against cancer cells. This may be due to its antioxidant effect.

The bottom line is that modern medicine is catching on the fact that this is a tea with potential benefits for not only arthritis, but for other chronic and debilitating conditions as well.

Chamomile tea also has anti-inflammatory properties, which may mean that it can help you manage arthritis pain and flare-ups.

Its versatility in terms of both mental and physical health benefits makes it an excellent and useful addition to any arthritis treatment protocol. We will look into the best ways to use the tea below.

How Can Chamomile Tea Help You Manage Arthritis Pain?

While chamomile isn’t something that will simply cure arthritis, it can be an excellent management tool.

And best of all, if you want to use this useful tea to help you manage arthritis, you can actually use it in multiple ways.

For the purposes of helping you deal with chronic pain, the two most useful properties of this tea are its anti-inflammatory properties and its ability to help you relax.

Make a Chamomile Joint Wrap

While drinking the tea may provide some anti-inflammatory benefit, it is often more time-efficient and effective to apply the tea directly to the area in which you are experiencing arthritis pain.

This may sound odd, as medicinal uses of chamomile almost always involve drinking a tea made from the leaves of the plant.

However, some experts recommend making a joint wrap for arthritis-affected joints using strong chamomile tea.

In order to get the maximum benefit, you want the tea to be very strong. To do this, it is a good idea to have about four tea bags for a cup of water.

You want to make this infusion like you would a regular cup of tea- it’s just a lot stronger.

Let the tea steep for about 20 minutes to make sure you get as much of the chamomile in the water as you possibly can.

Then, select a clean cloth to soak in the mixture and apply the cloth to the joint that hurts.

For an elbow or knee, it may be helpful to wrap the cloth around the whole joint.

This method has multiple benefits: the warmth can help soothe your joins, as can the anti-inflammatory properties of the chamomile.

Drink the Tea

Drink the TeaWhile arthritis is classified as a physical illness, those with arthritis are no stranger to the mental health challenges that come with suffering from chronic pain.

It is mentally exhausting and supremely frustrating, and this in turn can increase your perception of the pain that started everything in the first place.

However, this is where some of the relaxing properties of chamomile can help you.

Mentally, the relaxation can help you to reduce stress, which is known for making pain worse.

But this isn’t the only benefit- mental relaxation also has positive physical effects that can also help you reduce pain.

If you’ve ever paid attention to your body when you were stressed out, you may have noticed tension everywhere.

Many people, when stressed, clench their teeth and tense their muscles. This kind of tension can exacerbate arthritis pain.

Therefore, drinking a relaxing tea like chamomile can help you not only mentally relax, but also relax physically, and both of these means of relaxing can help you.

Some people may find that not only drinking the tea, but also creating a kind of ritual around it, can help further their relaxation and help them get some distance from not only arthritis but also from the stresses of daily life.

For example, you might create a “tea ritual” where every night before bed, you make a cup of tea and then drink it while sitting on your porch reading a book.

Rituals like this are much like meditation, as they involve deliberately focusing on something that is both singular and relaxing.

Many people drink the tea before bed, since its calming effect may make some people sleepy.

Chamomile tea, while it may not be the only way you manage your arthritis pain, can be an excellent tool to help reduce pain and promote mental wellness as well.

One of the best features of the tea is the fact that it is incredibly inexpensive and easy to get.

You can find it at nearly any grocery store for only a few dollars a box. You also don’t need to worry about spending money on a copay in order to get a prescription for it.

Arthritis is a condition that is incredibly physically and mentally taxing, but with this useful and accessible management tool at your disposal, you can make what you have to put up with daily just a bit better.


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